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    Ranks / Duties

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    Ranks / Duties

    Post by (Diablo) 666 on Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:46 am

    Every member in the clan has a rank and a duty within the clan. Down below is the order and a deep explanation of each rank.

    Leader - The leader is responsible for all final-decision making processes and they are in charge of all activity that the Clan undertakes in. It is the leader who makes some of the biggest decisions in the Clan, and will usually be very social. If there are any important issues that need to be brought to immediate attention then the Leader is the best person to go to.

    Co-leader - Co-Leaders are the second in command within the clan and they are often involved in many of the decision making processes that take place before any major changes are made. If any complaints about a member are reported, it is the responsibility of a Co-Leader to investigate the complaint and deal with it accordingly. If the Leader isn't online, then refer to one of the Co-Leaders if there is an important issue you need addressed. Co-Leaders are responsible for organizing events for the clan such as tournaments and wars. Co-Leaders are decided by the Leader and are usually assassains before becoming a Co-Leader. There are only ever 2 Co-Leaders active within the clan at any given time.

    Legendary - These are the best of the best the (KingSpadez) has to offer. These are the first responders whenever another clan has declared war on the clan, when a member turns on the clan, or when the leader decides to commit munity against the clan. Legendary duelists are members who have preferred management and administration over dueling to be their specialty. Becoming a Legendary allows to have the ability to recruit new members for other ranks but under the strict supervision of the leader and the co-leader. NO EXCEPTIONS. Legendary duelists have a considerable amount of influence within the clan often assisting the leader with changes within and outside of the clan along with insisting the leader on improvements in the clan. If any member wishes to make an improvement to the clan, directly message it to Legendary duelist who is online and they will make sure that the message is passed on to the co-leader. It is then the co-leader's responsibility to pass it on the leader when he/she is on. Legendary is the hardest rank to get into that the (Kingspadez) has to offer. Legendary duelists are chosen ONLY by the leader and the co-leader and after the specific candidate does a 2 out of 3 match with the co-leader

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