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    Joining the Clan

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    Joining the Clan

    Post by (Diablo) 666 on Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:47 pm

    Welcome to the Kingofspadez clan

    How to join the clan:

    If you would like to join our clan, you MUST message either the leader (Kingspadez) Niro or the co-leader (Diablo) 666. You will have to state the following before you are tested:

    Deck Type
    How long you have been playing
    How many regional, YCS and local tops you have had (If any)
    Why you want to join the clan

    Once you have stated the above information, you will be required to duel a 2 out of 3 match with (Diablo) 666 while (Kingspadez) Niro is watching. After the test there will be a discussion between the leader and the co-leader to see if you are eligible to join the clan. If you are eligible, you must create a new account with the name kingspadez in the name like (Kingspadez) Niro but it cannot have Niro or 666 in the name. If we decide that you are not eligible to be in the clan, you MUST wait 1 week before you can apply for another test.

    I hope to see new people join the clan in the near future and as always good luck and have fun.

    (Diablo) 666

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